125 Boyan Penev Secondary School Pupils with Medals Once Again from Hong Kong Mathematics World Contest for the Cup of Po Leung Kuk.

Yet another year 125 Boyan Penev secondary school math team did excellently at the Mathematics World Contest for Po Leung Kuk Cup at Hong Kong. Ivayla Radkova and Simeon Doychinov ranked third winning bronze medals in the individual competition which saw 128 participating pupils from across the world. In the team event, the school finished in the strongest group with the second best result – 9 out of 10 points. Daniel Ivanov, Georgi Pashaliev, Ivayla Radkova and Simeon Doychinov received bronze medals and a Merit Cup.

The Primary Mathematics World Contest for students of up to 14 years PMWC is organized by Po Leung Kuk Foundation – one of the largest charity foundations in Hong Kong, and The Education University, and teams participate by invitation only.

‘The competition was challenging and the problems – even harder than the previous year. However, our pupils demonstrated once again that in addition to knowledge they also have a strong team spirit. We are proud of them and we do believe that they will do marvellously well at the contests to come’, shared the teams’ leaders Madlen Hristova and Yuliya Dushkova.

Earlier this month 125 Boyan Penev secondary school competed with two teams at the International Mathematics Competition 2018 in Bourgas which saw 167 participants from 30 countries. Todor Nedev, Viktor Popdonchev and Dimitar Lazarov who presented the team in the primary school group won Merit awards. The team in the group competition including Pavel Shiyakov won silver medals and the first runner-up cup. The team for pupils up to the 9th grade was presented by Angel Raychev – silver medal, Martin Dimitrov and Dimitar Roussev – bronze medals, and Borislav Stoyanov – Merit award. The school won bronze medals and a second runner-up cup in the team competition.

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