‘Angels in Action’ Seek Crowdfunding to Fly Off

Directed by Nikolay Mihaylov, the documentary tells about the state of Bulgaria’s education and what we want it to be.

The lack of respect and support for our teachers, the negligible prestige of the job, the broken link between pupils, parents and educators and the need for new methods to raise citizens instead of subjects are but a part of the ‘Angels in Action’ movie. It tells the story of the strong individuals who are fast becoming extinct and who give their alumni a flying start and inspire them to achieve success at international level while their efforts rarely get acknowledged and the young talents they have taught go abroad never to return again.

We need to finally realize that what has not been happening for years with the Bulgarian education concerns each one of us and that education is a value we have easily delegated to the teachers and the state but this has not brought us neither comfort nor prosperity. A positive change implies common, meaningful and continuous efforts and this is exactly what the angels in the movie discuss – how to bring back the prestige of the job and the respect towards teachers in order to motivate the next generation to follow in the steps of the people who have inspired them. If we do not act now, a grim future of ignorance awaits us’, said Nikolay Mihaylov.

The full-length documentary ‘Angels in Action’ has reached post-production and is currently seeking funding to be finalized. The crowdfunding campaign will also cover costs for its distribution across the country. For more information and to donate, you can visit Indiegogo campaign at https://igg.me/at/angelsinaction. ‘Supporting the movie is the first step you can make to accelerate the dialogue for the reform of the Bulgarian education. If you see yourself as an active change agent, make a contribution or share the campaign link so that we carry the movie through to completion. Thank you for everything!

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