Are You a Fan of Original Illustrations? The Biennial of Illustration Welcomes Its Third Edition!

This year, almost three hundred Bulgarian artists partake in the Biennial of Illustration with 772 original works — an unprecedented record in the history of the event. The public will enjoy the best of them for free from November 22, 2022 to January 27, 2023 at Sofia Regional History Museum, as well as find out at the official opening who the winners are in the ‘Lifelong Achievement’, ‘Realized/Published Works’ and ‘Not Realized/Unpublished Works’ categories according to the jury members Milena Radeva — illustrator and founder of ‘Bulgarian Illustration’ website and publishing house, Nikoleta Gologanova — art critic and curator (Sofia City Art Gallery), Hristina Grozdanova — art critic (Sofia Regional History Museum), Boyana Pavlova — artist and lecturer (National Academy of Arts), and Slavina Ilieva, creator of ‘Dakelche’ publishing house.

The history of the biennial dates back from 2018 when Milena Radeva, founder of Bulgarian Illustration website, revives the only forum for illustration in the country since 1990 in order to bring together the Bulgarian virtuosos of hand-made images who are scattered around the world and to show their huge talent and creative potential. The first edition attracts 117 artists with 317 works and is made possible thanks to Milena’s perseverance and pro bono support of several partners who believe in her cause. In 2020 the biennial’s second edition takes place and despite the pandemic the interest is even bigger — 231 artists submit 622 illustrations. This year, the event is being organized for the first time with financial support provided by the National Culture Fund of Bulgaria and will highlight yet again the importance of this art because what would reality look like without the powerful illustrations in our favorite books?

The third edition will illustrate best the answer to this question. With more than 630 participant artists and 1700 original illustrations the idea of a national Biennial of Illustration has become the most awaited event in the industry, bringing the Bulgarian talents together at one place. So, if you a true fan of the original Bulgarian illustration, book on your calendar:

What: Biennial of Illustration 2022
When: November, 22 2022 – January 27, 2023
Where: Sofia Regional History Museum, Serdika exhibition hall (16 Knyaginya Maria Luiza blvd.), 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
How much: Free

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