BEAUTIFUL DOBRICH: The 48-Hour Movie Challenge.

The Municipality of Dobrich and CastFolio – the Bulgarian online platform for the entertainment industry, organize a 48-hour movie marathon themed BEAUTIFUL DOBRICH. Participants will face the challenge to script, film and present a short movie between 21-23 September following predefined topics and the top three creative teams will be awarded pecuniary prizes of BGN 1 500, 750 and 500 respectively provided by the municipality. In addition, the winning productions will be shown at a series of film festivals in the country as well as presented at the next edition of Berlin International Film Festival in February 2019.

‘We have been actively working on the city’s new vision for four years now and we are happy that we will demonstrate what we have achieved so far through the lens of cinema. The city of Dobrich and the whole region are an excellent tourist destination because of their ancient history and fantastic sights but there are also hidden beauties all around us that offer numerous opportunities for a variety of artistic projects and I am confident that the movie challenge will convince us of their potential’, said Dobrich mayor Yordan Yordanov.

The idea of organizing the film marathon was born at the Global Dobrich forum Dobrich in Future Tense 2.0 in September 2017 as part of the conceptual platform for creating a global community related to Dobrich.

Participation in BEAUTIFUL DOBRICH is open for all creative teams from the country who dare try their strength and creativity in the 48-hour movie challenge. Winners will be announced at an official ceremony on 23 September. More information about the marathon at www.filmchallenge.eu.

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