‘Niya and the Goblin Treasure’, or How a Girl Grows up in the Misty Present

The homonymous fairy tale of the children’s author Vesela Flamburari (Bulgarian Illustration publishing house) is out after nearly five years of silence on the book market. It represents an allegory of the path towards self-awareness of a girl who is bored with her job of a bank clerk, the sameness of her always smiling colleagues and the seeming prosperity of the Misty Island she lives on.

Inconspicuously set in the context of today’s consumerism, Niya manages to grow up and find her inner self not with the help of the checks she stamps around the clock but thanks to the treasure she stumbles upon in the end of her thorny journey — the love and wisdom of her mother, and the mother of her mother, and her mother…

‘Niya and the Goblin Treasure’ is the original fairy tale Vesela Flamburari and the Greek director Georgios Bakolas base the ‘The Goblin Treasure’ on, a play for the professional youth theatre. Following its premiere at the National Theatre of Patras, the play visits a number of cities in Greece and enjoys great success among the teenagers. And today it reaches Bulgaria.

‘Niya and the Goblin Treasure’ has a limited print run and is the first book from the personal growth series ‘Fairy Tales from the Misty Island’.

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