Release of Angels in Action – a Documentary about the State and the Future of the Bulgarian Education.


Release of Angels in Action – a Documentary about the State and the Future of the Bulgarian Education

If you want to be an innovator, you certainly have to get out of the box. Once you are out, you find yourself violating laws you are obliged to observe. Therefore if you want to be an innovator, you automatically become an offender which is paradoxical.’ – Angel Anguelov, IT teacher, Sava Dobroplodni secondary school, Shumen, and Angels in Action< character.

What is it like to be an innovator at a Bulgarian school? Why are there so few men in the secondary education system? How much does ignorance cost? What kind of people do we educate: subjects or citizens? What role does a teacher play today and how do we motivate young people to follow in his footsteps tomorrow? Where does the teacher-parent-child relationship break off? Are technologies a panacea for the problems of the Bulgarian education?

Angels in Action characters give an answer to these and to many more painful questions which have been high on the agenda for years. The movie takes its inspiration from the IT teacher Angel Anguelov from Shumen, his success stories in Bulgaria and abroad and the absurdities he faces every single day in his practice. The narrative is complemented by state, NGO and private sector experts, including Antoan Tonev, history teacher and principle of 17th Damyan Gruev seconday school in Sofia, Evgeniya Peeva – founder of Teach for Bulgaria foundation, Denitsa Satcheva – Education and Science deputy minister, Maarit Rossi from Finland – math teacher and 2016 Global Teacher Prize finalist, prof. Sergey Ignatov – ex minister of Education and Science, Yana Alexieva – managing director of Parents association, as well as by the animated monster of ignorance Toil whose tentacles suffocate the entire system.

We are all affected by the education problems; however, we keep being indifferent and don’t stop fretting in anticipation of anybody but us to solve them. The movie aims to provoke a constructive discussion among the members of society about the urgent need to recover the prestige of teaching, to start supporting teachers and to realize that unless we motivate and attract new talent to the sector, teachers will soon go extinct,’ said Nikolay Mihaylov, director of Angels in Action. ‘We do hope that presenting the problem in the language of cinema will convince the audience that it is our collective responsibility to make children believe in themselves and become teachers one day, and in order to make this happen, we should be leading by example.’

The full-length documentary Angels in Action will make its premiere today at 6 p.m., Dom na Kinoto, Sofia, with screenings and discussion panels to follow across the country<.

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