Silenauts, Singing Bowls, Digital Working-Bees, Dome Houses, Collective Music-Making, Public Causes on the Bill of BEGLIKA 2019

Фестивал БЕГЛИКА хородея

One of the biggest Rhodope festivals – BEGLIKA, is set to welcome alternative culture aficionados between 14-18 August in the heart of Batashka mountain. The line-up of the eleventh edition of the fair offers a whole panoply of acts for both kids and adults, including live educational games, drawing and animal mask crafting en plein air, yoga and paneurhythmy, mountain trekking, cacao ceremony, sound healing, dome construction, symbolism of the national Bulgarian costumes and the meaning of numbers, theatre performances, lectures on healthy eating, social entrepreneurship and many more. In addition, the music stage will be quieter than usual as it will be wired with ethereal speakers, and will be taken by Merak Standart, Zeyra, Vataff Project, Dharba and several joint projects to be born on the spot.

You can find BEGLIKA 2019 line-up and schedule here: https://bit.ly/2Gi27LD.

This year’s festival content is of great interest for artists and creators. We received more than 120 applications and literally filled up the program one month before the opening which is a perfect illustration that communal relationships and mutual support are widespread’, shares Georgi Mavrov, co-founder of BEGLIKA and HORODEYA. ‘The huge interest is a result of the modifications of the festival’s format and particularly of the newly-founded Togetherness Fund which will provide a channel for the community to support several causes that have the potential to generate sustainable social change.’

Фестивал БЕГЛИКА хородея

Which causes will be supported?

The causes to be presented at the festival in search of long-term support in the form of manual labor, knowledge and financial resources, include:

Yatoto – a residential center located at the village of Gorna Bela Rechka for learning and relaxed communication of the whole family.

I love you, Mountain! – a cause which befriends young people between 9 and 14 years with the mountain and teaches them how to learn from it, how to love and protect it.

Hrancoop – a cooperative initiative for clean food which unites hundreds of thousands small agricultural producers.

Baba Residence – an initiative which connects youngsters from the cities with old people in depopulated villages.

Horodeya>DAE – a web platform for cooperation based on personal contributions in the form of digital assets for exchange of goods (DAE).

Live Games – board games for kids which develop virtues such as mutual help, trust and empathy while enriching them with knowledge from different areas (plants, herbs, crafts, arts, etc.).

What is important to bring?

The festival takes place in the peak of summer; nevertheless, the organizers remind that sometimes the temperature falls below zero in the Rhodopes. That is why do remember to bring winter clothes, as well as pack a raincoat, headlamp, hiking boots, hat and sun cream.


Are tickets still available?

Yes, and five-day passes offer a 20% discount until 28 July. The price includes: festival co-creative content, coordination and logistics, pre-medical care, traffic control, water supply, provisions for the community kitchens where visitors and participants will cook side by side, lightning and decoration, firewood, waste management, composting toilets and state camping fee. Detailed information about single and family tickets can be found at https://bit.ly/2XZTFLS, and all questions will be answered directly in the festival’s Facebook page: www.facebook.com/beglikafreefest.

Фестивал БЕГЛИКА хородея

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