What Do Students Want from Future Employers and Stay in the Country? Long-term Employment, Career Growth Opportunities and Motivating Leaders.

According to ManpowerGroup Bulgaria recent survey Career Expectations of Young Talent 44% of the students do not plan to look for a job abroad upon university graduation but develop professionally in Bulgaria. 38% would work in another country if given the opportunity, and 9% intend to go abroad.

The survey includes the answers of 351 Bulgarian students who study or have studied in Bulgaria and abroad. It also reveals that at the beginning of their work experience, the majority (42%) looks for a long-term employment between 3-5 years and only 16% share that it is normal to change employers in less than three years.

‘Our latest survey results clearly show that the days when young people hopped from one company to another in search of the perfect employer are long gone. Nowadays, they have a lot more information about what’s happening on the market and usually have a career development plan in mind knowing how, where and why they want to develop,’ said Maria Stoeva, Sales & Business Development Manager. ‘Nevertheless, it is critical that they are provided with comprehensive career guidance while still at school and get to know all career development opportunities in the industry sectors of today and tomorrow.’

The three top factors which motivate young people to choose a new employer are career growth opportunities (79%) and opportunities to acquire new knowledge (72%), as well as good interpersonal relationships (63%). The three least important factors include additional benefits, corporate product portfolios and options for distance work and flexible work hours.

‘It is not surprising that additional benefits have lost their high emotional effect on job seekers and employees since they are taken for granted and could not substitute an adequate monthly salary. They keep being highly valued provided that employers communicate them effectively along with offering a flexible benefit scheme in view of employees’ different needs and expectations.’

In addition, young talent expect from their future leaders first and foremost to be able to provide constructive feedback on the work done (81%), to efficiently organize all work activities (75%) and to motivate team members (73%).

One of the hottest trends in human capital management – gamification, also promises to become an important element of the employer brand: more than half of the respondents report that gamified recruitment processes and trainings are more effective, more interesting and more engaging compared to the traditional methods.

‘The new modern – the gamification of well-known HR processes, has already become part of the employer brand of the organizations that want to attract the new generation. Such methods for staff recruitment and work process organization would help companies attract and retain young talent in their teams,’ added Maria Stoeva.

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